CHEM gear pumps, for the transportation and metering of medium viscosity products, like pre-polymers, monomers and other chemicals.


  • Specifications:

           - Viscosity: 0,5 to 10.000.000 mPas

           - Temperature: Up to 450°C

           - Inlet pressure: Vacuum to max. 15 bar

           - Outlet pressure: Up to 200 bar

           - Pump sizes: From 22/6 to 280/280, (1,28 ccm/ rev-12.000 ccm/rev) intermediate sizes with narrower gearwheels for high-pressure applications are available as standard, e.g. 140/90 (693 ccm/rev)


  • Applications: Organic and inorganic chemicals (Alcohols, additives, bases, esters, glycerine, resins, hardeners, isocyanates, monomers, oils, phenol, acids, biodiesel, asphalt, bitumen, tar, hotmelt, glues, waxes, etc.), Polymers (Celluloseacetate, Nylon 66, prepolymers, etc.), Food industry (Vegetable oils, butter, margarine, flavourings, chocolate, fudge, liquorice, chewing gum, vitamins, syrup, gelatin, etc.) and Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products (Amino acids, lotions, shampoo, vitamins, etc.)