The CHEM MINI gear pump is particularly suitable for precision metering tasks of low to medium viscosity media.

  • Specifications:

           - Viscosity: 0,5 to 1.000.000 mPas

           - Temperature: Up to 300 °C (580 °F), higher temperatures upon request.

           - Suction Pressure: Vacuum to max. 15 bar (215 psig), magnetic drive to max. 25 bar (363 psig)

           - Pump Sizes: From 22/13 to 180/180


  • Applications: 

            - Organic and Inorganic Chemicals:

            - Alcohols, additives, bases, esters, glycerine, resins, hardeners,  isocyanates, monomers, oils, phenol, acids, biodiesel, hotmelt, glues,waxes, etc

             - Polymers: PET, PC, PA, PS, PMMA etc.

             - Foodstuffs: Vegetable oils, butter, margarine, flavourings, chocolate, fudge, liquorice, chewing gum, vitamins, syrup, gelatine. etc.

             - Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products: Amino acids, lotions, shampoo, vitamins etc.