KL Series liquid incineration chambers have been developed to assure an efficient destruction of mixtures from different sources with very heterogeneous characteristics and also complying with the working conditions required by regulation in force. 

The destruction of waste is made by means of an initial evaporation of water and a later oxidation of organic compounds in a chamber where the temperature will be in any case over 850 ºC, so providing gases a residence time of 2 seconds from the last air injection. In these conditions, the oxidation of organic compounds is almost complete. The liquid waste inlet is made by an air compressed injection system and an air injection crown that contributes to the combustion process.


- More resistant to expansion

- More resistant to a non continuous kiln operation

- Allows a quick initial warming (as there are no expansion problems)

- Easy cleaning (as there are no fissures or slots)

- No maintenance






Modular Kiln







Compressed Air Liquid Injection System



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