Using steel plain tubes, in these recuperators the heat transfer between the primary and secondary fluid is made by means of convection

Tubes recuperators can be supplied separately, to be introduced in a horizontal gases duct (underground or elevated) or vertical (stack), or even include the internally covered cage. 

With the same working principle, but aimed at cooling a primary fluid, gases coolers offer an alternative to the air dilution in gases cleaning systems. These equipment, as a previous step to cleaning, avoid gases from getting to the cleaning systems at a too high temperature. 

Essential factors in their design are dust content in gases, as much as the capacity of dust separation in the gaseous current, which could require the installation of dust collection and extraction systems in areas where there is a bend or counterboring.


Specific calculation for each recuperator

- Optimum energy recovery

- Investment amortized in a short period of time


Conv Recup2




Use criteria:

Hot gases temperature < 1.000 ºC (Gases that does not contain corrosive compounds neither a big quantity of solid particles.)



Iron and steel industry Calcination furnaces Waste valorization Gases or air cooling