• Horizontal Belt Conveyor

Horizontal and inclined belt conveyors for conveying material in steel and mining industries, complete with accessories such as: rain covers, side gangway all along the conveyor, safety device lower-lateral side in electrsolder round, material fall protection trays, pull rope switches, misaligment alarm switches, speed monitor, electric horn for acoustic advise, flashing beacon for optic advise.


  • Bucket Belt Conveyor

The bucket belt conveyor is the best solution inside or outside, for conveying a lot of raw materials who must be stored to considerable height and when do not have sufficient available horizontal space.


  • Recovery Belt Conveyor

Installed under the main belt conveyor, allows the material’s recovery and than the recycling. With this solution, in the belt below part there are no material occlusions, it involves long-lasting belt conveyors thanks to wear reduced.


  • Shuttle Belt Conveyor

Shuttle belt conveyors are used when loading and unloading points does not take place into a fixed points into the plant.


  • Weighing Belt Conveyor

Weighing belt conveyor is positioned under the storage silos or the receiving hoppers as feeder, with calibrated flow capacity according to plant production required.


  • Training Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyor with motorized wheels supports or on rails, allows various material discharge points within range from 0 to 210°.


  • Chain Conveyor – Redler

This is a ideal solution for bulk materials transport with different particle size and degree of humidity as dust and /or ash, even at high temperatures, minerals, cereals, sludge (wet, dry) organic fraction of waste.
The conveyors have the great advantage of ensuring a material transport completely isolated are preferred especially when you want to avoid to the maximum the outside dispersions of powders, liquids and unpleasant odors, isolating simultaneously from rain and from the air retaining the maximum baseline condition of transported materials and avoiding contact with the air to prevent the occurrence of fires.
The redler may be single-stranded or double central side can be used for high flow rates and long distances even with inclinations of 90 ° vertical allowing the direct loading of silos.


  • Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic conveying system i san often safer and quicker way to handle loose materials than the mechanical one, necessary in case of very small particle size. The solution pertaining to pneumatic conveyance systems designed and put into place by OM Siderurgica are versatile and fit many uses for the steel industry, mining, quarry activities, the chemical industry, carmaking, food processing, the drug industry, the plastic material industry, waste disposal, foundries, etc. and allow the handling of materials both in a solid or dusty state.
The conveyance of various materials with different specific weights and coarseness occurs by means of gas flows acting inside pipelines. System use is simple and allows the operator a reliable employment, in compliance with international safety standards, through HMI control and PLC management as in all solutions designed and built by OM Siderurgica, it way be fit to the customer’s needs and undergo modifications or enlargements of the base version for applications different from the one described above. Very recently, a system for borax (B203) injection for slag vitrification inside the ladle furnace has been installed.