It is the facility to automatically cut the pipe to have the desirable length according to the instruction from D.D.S system.

The carriage of the cut off machine travels on the rail of the top of the bed and the drive is cut off by pinion and the rack passing through A.C servo motor and the gear box.

The travelling wheel and the supplementary wheel to prevent conduction are assembled in the carriage of the cut off machine.

The clamp operates up and down by the hydraulic cylinder and it is designed for simple disassembling and easy repair by manufacturing the clamp assembly on the top to complement the existing repair problem.

The ascent and descent of the saw minimizes the wearing of the saw and bug generation by applying the hydraulic valve system to perform the operation of quick forward movement - quick cut off - slow cut off - quick return.


Cut Off1




- Friction Saw:

Tube Diameter of 1”~12


- Cold Saw:

Tube Diameter of: 1”~3” Single Cut and 5”~8” Double Cut


- Rotary Disk Cutter:

Tube Diameter of: 8”~25