VOC's abatement installations based on the recuperative thermal oxidation technology can treat flows with a very high concentration of solvents, even over 100% of LEL or LIE (Lower Explosive Limit).

When this happens, it is necessary to make a specific design, giving the cleaning system the appropriate measures with the target of working in the best safety conditions.


Between other elements, the most common are:


- O2 content in gas analyzers

- Inerting systems with N2 or steam

- LEL detectors

- Dynamic flame filters

- Elements and instrumentation according to ATEX regulation

- Static flame arresters



Technical Characteristics


Flow: From 100 up to 3000 Nm3/h

ConcentrationUp to values within the explosion range, over 100% of LEL

Energy use:

Thermal oil


Hot air




- Chemical industry

- Petrochemical industry

- Biofuels industry

- Paint manufacturing

- Resin manufacturing





Laser oxygen measuring system





Flame filtering



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