Installations for VOC's Volatile Organic Compounds reduction by means of thermal oxidation designed and manufactured by Kalfrisa guarantee an optimum efficiency, thanks to the appropriate selection of temperature, residence time and mixture turbulence.


Installations of thermal oxidation can incorporate:


- Thermal oil heaters

- Preheaters of polluted gases

- Process air heaters

- Steam generators

- Water heaters


Oxidation devices allow the destruction of residual liquids directly in the flame, so using its thermal energy.

Cleaning with high concentration of solvents.





- Removal of solvent vapours

- Chemical, pharmaceutical and resin production industries

- Printing and flexography industries

- Food industry

- Industries producing unpleasant odour

- Plastic fabrication



FlowOxidation chamber temperaturePreheating of waste gas
50 - 30.000 Nm3/h 750 - 1.200 ºC up to 600 ºC






Recuperative thermal oxidation installation Gases flow: 4.000 Nm3/h








Recuperative thermal oxidation installation Gases flow: 11.000 Nm3/h




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