System debugging VOC with preheating gases to purify high efficiency cogeneration.

It consists essentially of oxidation chamber with two or more heat exchangers. Accumulating a mass of ceramic material (regenerators) to purify the air heated to a temperature close to the reaction.

The additional thermal energy required to ensure the oxidation is provided by the pollutants or by an auxiliary fuel.


- Specific design of each installation

- Gas preheaters debug

- Exchange efficiency heat 95%

- Reduced energy consumption



Automobile manufacturing industries, etc.


FlowConcentration of organic pollutantsReaction temperatureAutothermal operation * 
5000-250000 Nm3 / h up to 10 g / Nm 3 800- 1000 ° C from 1.7 g / Nm3





Thermoreactor TR-60.000-3V





Thermoreactor TR-40.000-3V



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