The grid in rotating carpet SEFT is composed of a carpet formed by teeth and spacing made of high strength polyethylene.

During running phase what does not pass through the spacing of the grid is collected and discharged from the discharge spout located at the top of machine.

The use of this type of grid is optimal to obtain a medium‐fine screening, depending on the used filtration spacing.

The cleaning of the filter mat is guaranteed by nozzles placed in the upper part of the machine, and from 2 systems of brushes which allow to obtain the clean grid at each step of the carpet.

The material of construction of the external structure can be stainless steel AISI304 L or AISI316L.

 Channel Width (A): from 500 mm to 2000 mm

Filtration spacing: from 3 mm to 50 mm.


SEFT Belt Screen    SEFT Belt Screen2   SEFT Belt Screen3